Our new office protocol for curbside check in to our office until further notice:

1. Our staff is diligently confirming all patients and making sure all patients that are ill, not feeling well or have traveled out of the country in the last month, stay home and reschedule their appointments for at least 2 to 3 weeks

2. Our staff is letting all patients know that we will be curbside check-in for all patient visits. This means you will arrive at the office on your appointment time, once you have parked call the office number 352-242-2502 and let the staff know you are in the parking lot. You will be checked into the computer and we will call you when the next available sanitized treatment room is open.

3. If you are well but uncomfortable coming into the office, Dr. McGowan and Dr. Henne may be able to treat you in your car on a case by case basis.(No guarantees but feel free to ask the staff)

We take what is happening in our country very seriously and we want to keep our patients, staff and now new home schooled children safe. We believe making sure patients are not congregated in a waiting room environment can seriously help stop the spread of the coronavirus.


Many conditions we treat in our office are in person but some problems are a conversation and a prescription. If you are an existing patient in our office and feel comfortable speaking with the doctor on the phone, using Skype or even taking a picture and texting or emailing us (whatever you are comfortable with) we can arrange this as well. We are able, for now, to treat problems via telemedicine in light of the coronavirus. These visits still can be arranged via the office staff. We are doing our part to keep you out of doctor's offices and the hospital!


1.  Call our delightful staff at 352-242-2502 and request a telemedicine visit.  You must specify how you would like to contact the doctor:

  • Phone converstion 
  • Texting with pictures if necessary
  • Emailing with pictures if necessary
  • Skype
  • ZOOM app

2. Appointment times will be available during the day as well as after hours appointments

3. We will require you to sign a telemedicine consent that can be emailed, texted or faxed to the office

Download Telemedicine consent

Video Update and information about Coronavirus and Our Practice