KeryFlex Nail Restoration

Keryflex ™ is a nail restoration system designed to create a more cosmetically pleasing appearance of the nail. The system creates an artificial, but natural appearing nail by utilizing high quality synthetic resins that are cured by an ultraviolet light. This is an in office procedure that generally requires 10-15 minutes per nail. Patients may use this cosmetic approach during oral treatment for onychomycosis (fungal nails).

It may also be utilized by patients who have nail disorders that are otherwise non treatable such as nail deformities due to previous trauma. The artificial nail is durable yet flexible. Patients may paint the nail with nail polish and may remove the polish even with acetone based products. The artificial nail is not affected by water, polish, or polish removers as it is nonporous. Patients may require a reapplication in 6-8 weeks. Should the patient decide to remove the Keryflex ™, the doctor can easily do so with the use of a dremmel or electric file. For more details please schedule a visit to see if this would be the right procedure for you. 

The cost of this procedure is $150 for each big toenails and $10 for each additional toenail.